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Finally, this site has a forum! There were so many articles I've tried to write already that I don't actually have a stance on. I kept wanting to end these articles with "What do you think?" Now I can! You can register and post comments on my articles, the books I've read, and much more.

After "researching" a while, I realized that writing a PHP forum with no knowledge of PHP would take an extremely long time. So I started looking for open source forums, and found a great one called PHPBB. All it needs is a MySQL database (and a server that supports PHP, obviously, which I now have) and it does the rest. The folks at PHPBB are programming gods, please support them!

Click here to visit PHPBB

Click the link below to go to the forums. Because of the nature of PHPBB, I made it pop up in a new window, and it will look somewhat separate from the actual site. Please register and participate!

Click here for the forums!

1. There is nothing in the forum about college or UWF (my school). Right now I'm debating about making a completely separate forum for these topics. Stay tuned.
2. There is also nothing in the forum about skimboarding. My buddy who runs the ForeverSkim web site is eventually going to make a forum at his site, If you want to talk about skimboarding, stay tuned to his site.