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Well, it's a new year and the only thing that's changed is I have more homework than ever. I've been having trouble getting motivated this semester, which is pretty ironic because the first update I had planned for
the new TVC was an essay about why it's so great to be a student.

The plan for the new site is to write monthly essays that will be much longer and deeper than my weekly updates. I am also going to try to write much more in-depth book reviews, and, if possible, discuss any philosophical ideas or insights I took from the book. I also plan to add more Java programs and make a section (or subsection) about the boat I am building. I will also probably trash the College Life section because I can't see it going anywhere.

Now that you know the plan, you should know that I'm not implementing it yet, or any time soon. I've bit off more than I can chew right now, so I'm putting my site on the back burner. I know it's sad, but a good friend made a good point the other day - Let the site go for now, while I don't have time for it. As time goes by, it will nag at me more and more, until it bothers me so much that I must update it. When that day comes, and the desire to write burns fiercely inside of me, the update will really rock. I'll have the biggest burst of content ever, and it will be great.

That said, I hope you don't give up on TVC forever. Please come back every now and then. Your persistance will soon be rewarded with a great deal of great material to read.

03.14.05 - TVC has been put on the back burner (read the main paragraphs). In the long run it will make my site better anyway. I'd rather post meaningful content than crap I would have to throw together the night before.

01.31.05 - Added a pathetically minuscule update.

11.28.04 - Added new philosophy article, Time Takes the Thrill Out of Everything.

11.21.04 - Added new philosophy article, What Happened?

11.14.04 - Added new philosophy article, Travis's Third Law.

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